Apps to sell iPhone 4 faster

Do you know that you can sell iPhone 4 faster and at a higher price by including free apps in your device? Once you decide to sell your iPhone 4, you should think about the sale from the perspective of a buyer. What apps would you like the device to have? Perhaps, you have upgraded to the latest iPhone model and you want to sell your old iPhone 4 faster and at a better price. How do you convince prospective buyers to buy your used iPhone online ? One of the best ways of doing this is by downloading the best apps that most people would like their iPhone 4 to have. Our iPhone sale experts highlight some of the apps that can make your iPhone 4 sell faster and fetch a higher price.

Photo editor

One of the reasons why most people are obsessed with iPhone 4 is its camera. Some people use the camera of their iPhone 4 daily. However, from the moment the app for filtering images was introduced, how people take and share images has changed completely. Having a good photo editor in an iPhone 4 will make many prospective iphone dealers interested in your device. Therefore, download a photo editor and tell prospective buyers that the iPhone 4 that you are selling comes with a photo editor. This will grow their interest in your device instantly.


Almost all users of iPhone 4 know instagram is a free app. However, not all of them have the time to download it into their iPhones. When you tell prospective buyers that the iPhone 4 that you are selling comes with instagram, they know that they just need to register to access thousands of photos posted by other users. This app provides a great online platform especially for individuals that prefer images over written updates. Additionally, this app allows users to post short clips and messages as well as repost stories that other people share. You will sell iPhone faster when you tell your prospects that the device comes with an already downloaded and installed instagram app.

City guides

This app is the greatest companion for travelers in the current century. It enables users to share invoking images indicating exotic places that they visit. Using this app, you can also share images of hotels, foods and other things. Most buyers will be interested in buying an iPhone 4 that has an app that enables them to learn more about different places. You can find a set of instructions to sell used iphones. The app has features like snow sport, sunscreen and XE currency.


Most buyers of second hand iPhone 4 want to know that they can communicate with loved ones from any location. Skype is an app that allows them to do this conveniently. If prospective buyers know that your iPhone 4 has this app, they will be interested more in purchasing it.

Basically, these are some of the apps that will enable you to sell old iPhone 4 faster and at a higher price. Download them then use our iPhone reseller service to sell out the recycled iPhones.