Where to Sell Old iPhone 4: How to Choose the Best iPhone Reseller

If you have been using an iPhone 4 then you make the decision to upgrade, you might want to know where to sell old iPhone 4. The market for used iPhones is thriving and the number of companies that buy and sell used iPhones is increasing. This means that instead of shelving your used iPhone 4, you should sell it to one of these companies. However, the question that you might ask is, where exactly can I sell my used iPhone 4? This is a reasonable question because where you sell your device will largely determine the amount of money that you get from it. Generally, there are many factors that you should consider when choosing the place where you can sell your old iPhone 4.


The price of an old iPhone 4 varies from one iPhone reseller to another. With some resellers, you can sell your used iPhone 4 of 32GB at $165. Others will give you $227.50 while others will give you $205 for the same device. It is important to note that the price of an iPhone 4 continues to drop as time goes by. Therefore, the most important thing to do is to look for an iPhone reseller that gives you the best deal for your old iPhone 4 and sell it right away.

Condition of your iPhone

Some iPhone resellers will not buy your iPhone 4 if it is broken. However, most resellers will buy even broken iPhones. The immediate quote that you will get for your iPhone from most resellers will most likely be based on the condition of your device. This implies that if your iPhone 4 is in a god condition, you can resell it at a higher price. Therefore, find out more about the conditions that a reseller can accept for your device before you choose them.


It is important to know how the reseller will pay you when you choose their service to sell your iPhone 4. Some resellers will pay you with gift cards while others will give you cash. Choose a reseller depending on how you want to be paid for selling your iPhone 4. Most resellers pay for old iPhones via PayPal. However, cash is always the best option because it allows you the freedom to spend the money that you make by selling your old iPhone anywhere.


It is important to note that when you choose to sell your used iPhone 4 online, it largely becomes a matter of trust. This is because you have to ship your old iPhone 4 to a re-commerce website. Thus, you have to trust the firm to pay you after evaluating the condition of your iPhone 4 fairly. This evaluation will affect the resale price of your iPhone 4. Therefore, choose a reputable iPhone reseller to sell your iPhone 4.

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